LeBron better than Curry, claims Parker


Tony Parker believes LeBron James has the edge over Steph Curry in the claims to be recognised as the NBA’s best player after leading Cleveland Cavaliers to the championship last season.

Curry has been named MVP for the past two seasons and led Golden State Warriors to the NBA title in 2015.

However, the Warriors were beaten 4-3 in the best-of-seven Finals by James’ Cavaliers last season and Parker feels that gives the former Miami Heat star the right to call himself the best.

“I think it [the best player in the NBA] is between LeBron and Curry, then everybody has a different opinion,” the San Antonio Spurs point guard told Omnisport.

“But now you have to say LeBron because he won the title. For me, if you’re champion, you’re number one.”

Curry has also been likened to legends like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson in recent times, but Parker says any comparisons can only come when the Warriors point guard has retired.

He added: “I think you need to wait the end of his career to judge that. The journalists like to do stuff like that, compare. It’s your job anyway to do that.

“But I think to compare in history, you need wait for the guys to end their careers. So I think it’s too soon to judge or compare with Jordan, Magic or [Larry] Bird.”

And the 34-year-old says the same can be said about James.

“Until now he has three titles, Jordan got six, Magic five, Kobe [Bryant] five,” said Parker. “It’s tough to judge and sort players in history until his career is over.

“I like to compare based on titles, so until he has six, Jordan is the best player in history.”


culled:Pulse Sports Agency International By Omni Sport