Calm returns to NANF

R: Larry Kubeinje addressing the media, Clement Temile and Dr Rafiu Ladipo, President General, Nigeria Football Supporters Club

The National Association of Nigerian Footballers (NANF) has declared that the days of factionalisation of the players union is over and that the association is enjoying a new dawn of unity and progress.

According to the new leadership of NANF the issues and differences that degenerated into the crisis that bedeviled the footballers body leading to its withdrawal from the international player’s body FIPRO and the establishment of another parallel body by aggrieved members at the time, is now a thing of the past.

Speaking at a press conference in Lagos, the acting President of the NANF, Larry Kubeinje declares that ”the Nigerian Players Union is one with the name National Association of Nigerian Footballers.”

Larry Kubeinje who was the erstwhile vice president of NANF, having taken over from Harrison Jalla, informed that the present leadership is on an interim basis. This he says is to help reorganise the group and hold elections within a reasonable time.

Larry says he ”commends the efforts of other Ex-footballers who have worked tirelessly under the auspices of the ‘concerned group’ to bring about the peace we now have and enjoy. With the collaboration and understanding of all members, we all agree to work under NANF.”

Following the reorganisation that has gone on within the players body, Larry Kubeinje says a date shall soon be announced for elections to usher in a new executive to administer the affairs of NANF. Revealing that some funds meant for the players have been recovered and when the said money is accessible, it shall be judiciously used for the benefit of the organisation and its members.

He says that the reports in some media concerning the release of funds, is false and it is not official from the National Association of Nigerian Footballers. Offering that in due course all details as to how much has been recovered would be made public.

Larry seized the occasion to thank every past executive members  especially the founding president of the players union, Harrison Jalla, who is now with the International Association of African Footballers Union.