ALi backs Manny Pacquiao against Mayweather

Pacquiao and Mayweather

As the highest grossing fight in history between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather approaches, the man regarded as the greatest boxer of of all time, Mohammed Ali has declared his support for the Philipine boxing great to win.

This was revealed by one his daughters Rasheda Ali, when she spoke with TMZ sports. She said “my dad is team Pacquiao all the way” stating that her father really likes Manny and is a huge fan of the boxer. Rasheda went further to say that Ali already knows that Pacquiao is great fighter but is more impressed with what he does outside the ring, as Manny does a lot of charity work and has a great personality.

The Mayweather versus Pacquiao fight has already been dubbed the richest fight in history and continues to generate interest both within and outside boxing circles.

Although Muhammed Ali wouldd not be present at ringside on fight night, he certainly will watch it at home. Pacquiao and Ali have been friends for years according to Rasheda Ali, who also pointed out that there is no comparison between Mayweather and her father, declaring “My fther stood for things but same could not be said of mayweather.”