Stakeholders Call For Greater Participation Of Nigerians In 2023 General Elections


Stakeholders at the just concluded EYP Town Hall programme geared to community enlightenment to mobilise the populace; have called for the active and greater participation of Nigerians during the 2023 general elections.

The speakers are of the opinion that its imperative for the people to come out emass not just to vote, but be concerned about those who are positioned for elective offices, if they truly want to see the change that they so desire.

Speaking at the EYP Town Hall event, on the topic: Understanding My Role As A Stakeholder In The 2023 General Elections; Dr Olatunde Olusunmade, says “Nigerians need change no doubt but many people are in a state of herd anaesthesia.

The timing of this program is superb.
What I’m advocating is regular programs of similar nature to sensitize people”.


Dr Olusunmade posited that Nigerians must necessarily have a change of attitude and mindset. Saying “the average Nigerian is gradually becoming oblivious of his citizens rights, confusing them as privileges”.

Mr Sulaimon Ijaoba, a political analyst during his address says it appears Nigerians aren’t ready for the change they are clamouring for. That available data to him shows that the indifference people are showing towards the collection of their PVC is nothing to right home about.

Ijaoba who spoke on the topic:
Electoral Value: A Pertinent Tool Towards Societal Development; says “the low turnout does not show the readiness in Nigerian. I was at the INEC office where PVC were being distributed but it was alarming that people didnt come out to collect their PVC nor confirm their names in the Voters’ register. All of these preliminaries are part of preparation and readiness towards inclusive election in Nigerian.

Mr Sulaimon Ijaoba

Adding that with even the low turnout at the town hall event, means that Nigerians are waiting “on election day to start raising their challenges.

Well the programme came up about 86 days to the General election, so I consider it to be timely”.

He however advised that another sensitization on Voter’s education can be organized 2 weeks before 25 Feb. “As this will go along way to encourage large turnouts for the election”.

The Chairman of Estate Youth Parliament, the organisers of the programme, Mr Yusuf Adeyemi thanked those who made out time to be in attendance and that the e experience was nice.

While calling for support form all stakeholders to have more of such programmes before the February 2023 pools, Mr Adeyemi says the event was meant to enlighten the people.

“The objectives was at the end of the day achieved and we give glory to God and as well appreciate the people that took their time out to attend”.