Wanting To Reap Where You Did Not Sow!


    In the quest for a new Nigeria, we can’t but be mindful of our reality in the expectation for an ideal situation. In other words, lets be hopeful but be pragmatic.

    The ideal situation will only come through a process. That process, at times, can be tediously long. But then, it is better long than reveling in wishful thinking.

    Yes, Nigeria needs a youthful, physically fit president, but does the reality on ground now makes that a possibility? It is sad we are here, but then, here is where we’re at. We then need to strategically navigate that process to lead us to where we desire. Irrespective of the agitation from our young population, I haven’t seen the strategic seriousness on our path to wanting to do this differently. That’s the fact.

    Let’s get our PVCs all we want, but with the structural and geographical reality of our political landscape and our disdain for the dirty, lowly political work, which is the real work, the old political order won’t be shaken. The real politicians know this and, that is why they don’t seems to be bothered that much.

    Up North for instance, do anyone need a musical concert to drive voters registration? It is a given for everyone, even under age, to be politically aware to register and to vote. It will take more than 30 years for us woke Southerners to get to that point. Importantly, why has the woke population ignored the local political efforts and only interested in the top jobs they can’t get?

    I see a lot of conversations on twitter, on Google hangouts etc., but none on the streets, none at the wards where the delegates are chosen! Why do we assume this is America where such strategies could work? So much to talk about. See, if you don’t want the Tinubus or Atikus of this world, then things have to be done differently. Leave your Twitter handles and come down to where you get real followers – on the streets.

    2 million followers on Twitter with zero street credibility will only leave you an influencer as they are called, with zero real influence. Less talk please.

    Steve Aborisade is a Social Entrepreneur and a Human Rights Advocate.