Siasia reveals Dalung didn’t recognise him in Rio


The Dream Team VI fell out several times with the Ministry of Sports led by Dalung before and during the Olympic Games.

From their camp base in Atlanta, United States ahead of the Games, the Dream Team VI had a flight delay which was caused by t he failed fund transfer system of the Sports Ministry.

Dalung was in the stands to support the boys and also partook in the post-match celebrations on the pitch and later inside the dressing room.


Siasia however still does not understand some of the tantrums thrown by Dalug before and during the games.

“The whole thing surprised me”, Siasia told Punch in an interview.

“As we speak, I don’t know what I have done to offend the Minister.  The whole thing is surprising”, Siasia also said.

“It’s funny. When he came, he shook hands with us and after shaking the players, he asked where is the coach?. Everybody started laughing. We shook hands again and hugged”, Siasia revealed.

Siasia praised his players for their performances during the game despite several challenges they faced ahead and during the Games.

“The environment before the Games was not good but we resolved to weather the storm,” Siasia also said.

“Anyway, we’re grateful to win something for Nigerians who showed massive support to us,” he further said.

Siasia and some of his players arrived in Nigeria from Rio on Monday, August 22 at about 8pm