Prosperity Cup: Appeals Committee, LOC Orders Replay Of 2 Round Of 16 Matches


…Strikes Out Akaba FC Protest

Sequel to a joint meeting of the Organizing and Disciplinary Committee at the Samson Siasia Stadium, with the Local Organizing Committee and the  Appeals Committee of the Bayelsa State Governor’s Cup, tagged the Prosperity Cup it has been resolved that the round of 16 fixtures between  Opume FC vs Odioma FC, and Agbere FC vs Osokoma FC be replayed.

This was contained in a joint statement signed by the Director-General of the Governor’s Cup and chair of the Appeals Committee, Mr Ono Akpe and the Secretary of the State Football Association, Desieye Nwankwe.

According to the statement, whereas the State Football Association confirmed that Kingsley Osuji became ineligible having been scouted and registered by an amateur side during the tournament , the peculiar circumstance of the infraction was not properly captured by the extant rules. Again, the protest of Agbere FC was inappropriately filed and would have resulted in it being thrown out on a technicality.

However, in the interest of equity, justice and fairness and the organizer’s desire to ensure that the aim of the tournament of promoting grassroots development is achieved, it was agreed for the replay between Agbere FC and Osokoma FC on Tuesday 5th July at the Samson Siasia Stadium 1 pm.


The statement maintains that Kingsley Osuji who has transited from grassroots football to an amateur league player which is against the rules of the competition is ineligible to participate in the replay as well as subsequent games in the tournament if the team progresses.

The joint seating of the Local Organizing Committee and the Appeals Committee equally agreed that although Opume Community FC could not substantiate their allegation against *Okoroma-Tereke* on the fielding of Wiliams E. Ikiolamotei, the aforementioned was deemed to be a player of Joseph FC of Warri. Consequently, for fair play, equity and justice, it was ruled that Opume FC and Okoromo-Tereke FC should also have a replay on Wednesday 6th July at the Samson Siasia Stadium Yenagoa but without the fielding of the player in question.

Furthermore, the committee requested the State Football Association to vet and review all qualifying teams for the quarter finals to ensure no ineligible player is fielded by any team. This is to forestall any other delay or appeals that might arise at this crucial stage of the tournament.

Details and schedule of the quarter-finals would be released subsequently.