OIFN Set To Distribute Over 300 Wheelchairs In Lagos, Delta States


The Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation of Nigeria, OIFN has concluded plans to hold its first outreach of 2024 across two states in Nigeria.

The event which is set to hold in Lagos and Delta States respectively, would see the Foundation providing mobility aids and assessments to people with brittle bone condition and disability in Nigeria.

According to Tarela Aghanti, founder and CEO of OIF Nigeria, the Foundation is working in concert with Through The Roof and they are set to distribute wheelchairs in Lagos and Delta States.

Aghanti says:”From the 21st – 28th March, 2024 we are working to distribute Cain-Walkers, Clutches and Walking-Sticks in Nigeria. Beneficiaries of these items will be people with OI (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) and other physical disabilities”.

Tarela Aghanti, Founder OIFN

Stating that this sort of intervention will help people with OI and physical disabilities, with mobility, inclusion as well as support their parents and guardians.

For Tarela Aghanti the aim of OIFN:”Is to promote better inclusion for people with brittle bone conditions”.

Adding that persons with disabilities go through a lot of challenges in Nigeria with unemployment topping the list. That with the Foundation’s effort is geared towards fundraising with her partners Through The Roof.

“Our chief objective and what is significant for us at OIFN is to bridge the gap and ensure that persons with disability are not left behind”.

Aghanti informed that over 300 Wheelchairs would also be distributed to eligible persons in Lagos and Delta States during this period.


The OIFN founder opined that the event is all made possible by the support from Through The Roof. And also from local well wishers, stakeholders, and communities that helped with the identification of beneficiaries.

Speaking to what’s next for the OIF in Nigeria, she says:”Each year the intention is to come back and provide further equipment and benefits. Our focus and mission is to continue to advocate for the needs of persons with disabilities. And get more support from government programmes and policies”.

The foundation revealed that the process of eligibility commenced last year on a portal made public for pre-registration.