Lobi Stars Renew Rivalry Against Nasarawa United In North-Central Derby


Aper Aku Stadium, Makurdi, North Central Nigeria will be the venue of the NPFL 2021/2022 MATCHDAY 26 between regional arc rivals Lobi Stars and Nasarawa United on Sunday April 1, 2022.

Undoubtely, this is a potentially fiesty clash between two clubs that have a historical reputation of unpredictable outcome of games between them.

Lobi Stars are currently going through tough times, having played 25 games in the current season with only 26 points, averaging 1.04 points per game, which is a slight improvement from the 19 points from 19 games, translating to 1 point per which the renowned former Nigerian international, Dominic Iorfa, inherited when he was reappointed as the Vice-chairman/CEO of the Club at mid-season.

Nasarawa United have not fared any better, though enjoying a convenient 13th place on the league log with 32 points from 25 games, an average of 1.28 points per game.

Available statistics shows that both teams have a history of fierce opposition, but the home team is always favoured to win as every encounter has been won by the home side in their last 5 meets. As such, history favours Lobi Stars in the game under preview.

Nasarawa United have enjoyed Aper Aku Stadium at some point as an adopted home ground, the familiarity with the venue and fans have always constituted an advantage for them as they always play with the comfort of a team at home.

The above not withstanding, Makurdi fans who were away from the stadium overtime have returned in full force to give their support to the Dominic Iorfa led management to lift the ‘shoe get size boys’ out of the doldrums.

Consequently, there will be no love for Nasarawa United in the stands of the famous Aper Aku Stadium as the home fans are not going to split their support this time, leaving the visitors with only 11 men to do the battle on the field.

With an improved performance in the last away fixture against high-riding Akwa United who pummel Nasarawa United 6-1 in MatchDay 24 in Uyo, the ‘Pride of Benue’ will build on that strength to get away with the three points at stake and possibly reduce the goal deficit.

By the existing directive of the amiable Vice Chairman/CEO Iorfa, the gates will remain open for fans to come in enmass and cheer Lobi Stars to yet another victory.