Lagos, a city that pulses with energy, dreams, and resilience, hosts an annual spectacle that transcends the mere act of running. The Access Bank Lagos City Marathon, a mix of sweat, determination, and community, invites runners from all walks of life to answer a simple yet profound question: Why are you running?

    The Lagos City Marathon, for the oldest woman in Nigerian sports history to run and finish a Marathon race, Madam Alfredo Durugo (62 years old school teacher) is not just an annual event; it’s a pilgrimage, a ritual she’s embraced for the past eight years. Her journey began as a personal challenge but has since evolved into a testament to endurance, resilience, and the unwavering spirit of Lagos.

    The question that echoes with every stride “Mom, aren’t you tired of running?” her children often asked, puzzled by their mother’s commitment to an annual feat that demands both physical and mental stamina. But for Alfredo Durugo, the answer lies beyond the simplicity of the question. It’s in the fame she’s garnered, the camaraderie she’s built, and the sense of purpose that fuels her every stride.

    For Durugo the race transcends beyond the finish line. With each marathon completed, Alfredo Durugo became a local celebrity, a familiar face in the bustling streets of Lagos. Her story is not just hers anymore, the recognition she receives goes beyond the medal; it’s a testament to her dedication and an acknowledgment of her place in the marathon’s legacy.

    But why does she keep running? It’s a question that Alfredo Durugo answers with a smile as she reflects on every stride, each representing a cause, a dream, or a personal triumph.

    Her answer to the question “Why are you running?” is layered with the joy of accomplishment and the pride of being part of something bigger than herself.

    In Alfredo Durugo journey, the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon becomes more than a race; it’s a celebration of life, community, and the enduring spirit of a woman who runs not just for the fame or the support but for the euphoria that happens when thousands of hearts beat as one on the streets of Lagos.