Emmanuel Amunike Says Super Eagles Have Played Well So Far


Former Nigerian International and winner of AFCON, Emmanuel Amunike says the Super Eagles have performed very well and expects that the 2013 champions should triumph over the Bafana Bafana.

Speaking exclusively to www.backpagenaija.com the 2015 FIFA U17 winner as a coach says:”The team have performed very well. A lot of people expected the Eagles to be more prolific in terms of their offensive play, but I think they have adopted a style that gives them the ability, to execute their game in terms of defending compactly and taking their chances when the occasion calls.

I think for me that is all football is about, in football we always say all means to success is accepted. It’s the ability of your players to adapt to circumstances and situation, and I think this is what these present eagles and crop of players have done. And have been able to distinguish themselves as a team and that is why we are going to watch them today in semi-finals against South Africa”.

The former Barcelona winger says he expects the Super Eagles to play the same way they have been playing.

“I expect them to maintain the same level of play in terms of their compactness, individual brilliance and the capacity of the team be able to defend. Today’s game is going to be a different one as every team is unique and come with their challenges.

Emmanuel Amunike

So, the most important thing is for them to maintain the confidence they have developed, and also to be able to be in a position where when the opposition present challenges, and this is where the individual and collective brilliance comes in.

I don’t expect them to change anything, they just have to be loyal to the way they have been executing the game, that has helped them to achieve success so far”.

On his prediction about the game against the Bafana Bafana, the former African Footballer of the Year says:”My prediction is that the Super Eagles is going to win and I wish them the best of luck against South Africa. Hopefully, they would come out victorious today in this game”.

For the former coach of the Tanzanian national team, who qualifies them for their first AFCON appearance, says the entire team should be given credit for their performance so far. “All the players have performed greatly and so well. We need to give everybody credit, they have all done fantastically in their positions and that is what football is all about. Collective effort and some individual brilliance that would spearhead the team.

Amunike concluded that kudos should be given to Victor Osimhen, the current African Footballer of the Year. Saying attention should be paid to the critical work Osimhen is doing in the team.

“People are expecting Osimhen to score but we need to look at the critical work Osimhen is doing by creating chances for the team. I think everyone of them have done so Well, and I think Lookman also has been so exceptional in this tournament, and I hope he continues to find his form and add value to the team”.